The Chosen
by Annette Gisby
Male/Male Fantasy Romance
Cover art by Ravven
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The neighbouring kingdoms of Oscia and Arcathia have been at a tentative peace for three years after centuries of warfare. Prince Severin of Arcathia has been brought up to put duty before all else and as the only son of the King and Queen, it is his duty to marry and produce an heir. His parents want him to marry an Oscian princess to cement that tentative peace. Unfortunately Severin isn't interested in princesses. Now, if he had his pick of princes that would be another matter.

Havyn has been a slave all his life. When his aptitude for wizardry is discovered, he finds himself purchased and freed by Prince Severin and apprenticed to the royal wizard, Ildar. His duty is to stay chaste to keep his powers strong, but his feelings for Severin sorely test his resolve.

With kingdoms at war, the throne hanging in the balance, magic in the air, and outside forces trying to keep them apart, can the two men find happiness together, or is duty more important than love?


"The way Severin and Havyn fight their attraction even as each of them continue to crave each other was heartbreaking. This was a really good novel, one that I thoroughly enjoyed reading and remember for quite some time." - Coffee Time Romance

"Gisby's description of her fantasy world of Arcathia and Oscia is strong; she quickly sets the limitations of the magic users and defines the characteristics of the Arcathian and Oscian populations with clarity. She is also very good at introducing various subplots; within the first few chapters she introduces the antagonism between her two main cultures, the appearance of an ancient race, in addition to the main romance and the obstacles the couples face." - Rainbow Reviews

"Annette Gisby is one of my new favorite authors to watch out for. The Chosen was simply a fantastic mixture of passion, longing, magic and kingdom intrigue...Annette Gisby has written a fantastic book with clandestine visits, secret dreams, and a fantastic ending." - Bitten by Books

Drowning Rapunzel
by Annette Gisby
Romantic Suspense
Cover design by Bayou Cover Designs
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Recently released from a mental institution, Beth Gregory accepts a job as a live-in secretary/PA to the reclusive painter Josh Warrington. From the first moment he sees her, Beth’s long red hair fascinates him, and Josh wants her to be his Rapunzel for a series of fairy tale paintings on which he’s working.

Beth has two major fears: that she will be sent back to the mental hospital and that the visions which landed her there in the first place will return. They do; this time giving her glimpses of murders before they happen. Beth becomes the main suspect in the murder investigation and then she has the most disturbing vision of all: she will become the next victim…


"Drowning Rapunzel, a dark Gothic romance with paranormal elements by Annette Gisby, captured my attention from the first page.  With a likable heroine and hero, interesting secondary characters, and a well developed mystery, Ms. Gisby takes us into the world where nothing is quite as it seems." - Queen of all She Reads

"The book started off a very good footing for any suspense fan.  Trust me, I NEVER figured out the villain until it was revealed and I completely shocked.  Oh and the last sentence in the book (before the Epilogue), I’m still shaking my head in wonderment.  Outstanding job Ms. Gisby." - Harlie's Books

"The suspense/thriller part of the book was very well done and like I said earlier will keep you guessing til the very end, but I would have like to have seen a bit more of the romance.  I am a bit of romantic at heart so that may just be my preference.  Overall, this was a fantastic read that read quickly and smoothly." - The Book Maven

Silent Screams
by Annette Gisby
Psychological Suspense
Cover design by The Cover Designer
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After years of suffering, the revelation that she is now pregnant with her abuser's child was too much for Jessica Miller. She tried to end it all with a knife in the bath.

She was saved in time, but now Jessica is learning that survival is only the first step to healing. A mother and a small town who seem to care more about the impropriety of her condition than the horrors that caused it, an inability to share her feelings with the man she loves, and struggles both internal and external over the fate of her unborn child, conspire to crush her from all sides.

As events in her life grow ever darker, can Jessica find the strength to find her way toward the light and break a cycle of abuse? If she can't, it won't just be her leading a life of suffering this time: it will be her child.


"I could not put the book down. Every time I got to a stopping place and thought things were working out, another secret would be revealed. SILENT SCREAMS is one book that should be read by anyone who has ever suffered mental abuse or molestation." - Author Joan M. Lewis

"This author write close to the bone, perhaps awakening things within us all that we would sometimes remain unhidden. Her writing is real, credible and to be applauded for its openess and candor when so many other writers might lose their nerve and seek candy floss and light banter." -  Reader review on Amazon

"I found the ending, with its typically Gisby ironic twist, an especially realistic touch. It is not a comfortable read, because of the horrific subject matter; but it is a compelling one." - Eppie award winning author, Nina M. Osier