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New Zealand with a Hobbit Botherer - Free for Limited Time

New Zealand with a Hobbit Botherer
by John Gisby & Annette Gisby

What should you do if your spouse becomes addicted to the Lord of the Rings movies and swoons at the very mention of Orlando Bloom's name? (Thud. Quick, fetch the smelling salts.)

How about taking the advice of a strange apparition that reveals itself in a dream? An apparition that looks remarkably like the director of the movies, Peter Jackson, but not quite remarkably enough to prompt legal action.

An apparition that recommends touring New Zealand in an effort to prove that its sheep pastures aren't really filled by frolicking Hobbits. Just sheep and the occasional zorbing local.

This is the hilarious tale of such a tour, featuring snow capped mountains and turquoise lakes, flightless birds and flying cattle, bungy jumping grannies and the carrot mafia, strange yellow eyes peering up from a road map and hotel receptionists always desperate to know "win you are living."

Grab your free copy from Story Cartel, email required for them to send you the e-book :)


So why would authors offer their books for free?

One of the main reasons that authors offer free books is the hope that they will get reviews out of it, but you aren't obligated to leave one. It would be nice, of course, but just read the book and enjoy :) Reviews are one of the only marketing tools that a lot of independent authors have and it's very hard to compete in a marketplace where books have hundreds of reviews and yours has two, LOL!

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Book Spotlight: Blind Mercy by Violetta Rand

Blind Mercy
by Violetta Rand
Book 2 in The Blind Series
Historical Fiction

The Sigurdsson family legacy continues…

A woman who prayed for a hero…

Orphaned at a young age, Rachelle Fiennes prayed for a hero to rescue her from her tragic life in England. When her only kinsman goes missing after the Battle of Stamford Bridge, Rachelle braves the aftermath of the battlefield to find him.

A man who lost everything…

Damned by the gods for surviving the bloodiest defeat in Norse history, Jarl Tyr Sigurdsson is still determined to get home. Hiding until nightfall so he can escape to his ship, his dangerous endeavor is disrupted when he’s accidently discovered by a beautiful Saxon.

Brought together by war, Rachelle and Tyr face many obstacles. Can sworn enemies find peace through love, or will fate tear them apart?



Since the first day they’d met, Tyr had been embroiled in strife and violence. Standing in this holy place, he seemed vulnerable, almost normal. Only once before had she seen this level of tenderheartedness in him. The degree of compassion he showed his deceased brother when he prepared him for funeral rites still haunted her. Of course, what man wouldn’t be moved by such tragedy? This was decidedly different. Baffled by this transformation, she watched him closely.

“I thank you for this kindness.”

He embraced her. The motivation behind his touch had changed, she felt it.

“I swear on this holy ground, I’ll never hurt you again,” he said.

He’d pledged it before. Could she be foolish enough to believe again? Didn’t he understand she couldn’t get past the fact he was holding her for ransom? Could she ever really forgive him for deceiving and shaming her? Caution did little to help her cause. Jolts of lust shot through her. It felt wonderful to be touched by him; but as welcome as those feelings were, they must stay hidden forever.

“I want to believe you,” she said.

He tipped her head upward. “I make no promises I can’t keep,” he assured her. “If there’s anything I can do to ease your pain, ask me.”

She remained silent. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind, a place existed where happy thoughts thrived. She pictured how it would be if he dropped on his knees and declared his love. All of this was quickly swept aside.

“I’ll leave you now,” he announced. “My men are aware of your situation and will not disturb your observances. When you are ready, they will escort you back to the house.”


About the Author:

Violetta Rand holds a bachelor's degree in Environmental Policy and a master's degree in Environmental Management. Serving as an environmental scientist in the state of Alaska for over seven years, she enjoys the privilege of traveling to remote places few people have the opportunity to see.

Violetta has been "in love" with writing since childhood. Struck with an entrepreneurial spirit at a young age, at five, she wrote short stories illustrated by her best friend and sold them in her neighborhood. The only thing she loves more than writing is her wonderful relationship with her husband, Jeff. She enjoys outdoor activities, reading whatever she can get her hands on, music, and losing herself in the fictional worlds she enjoys bringing to life.

Ms. Rand’s debut historical romance series, The Blind Series, is set in the fascinating world of 11th century Vikings. Her New Adult romance series, The Devil’s Den, is edgy and evocative, and explores the sexy world of exotic dancers.


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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Lakota Honor by Kat Flannery

 photo onewiththewindbanner_zps89c7c416.jpg

Lakota Honor - PROMO Blitz
By Kat Flannery
Historical/Paranormal/Western Romance
Date Published: 5/30/2013

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Fate has brought them together, but will a promise tear them apart?

In the small town of Willow Creek, Colorado, Nora Rushton spends most of her days locked up in her home with a father who resents her and fighting off unwanted marriage proposals from the wealthy Elwood Calhoun. Marked as a witch, Nora must hide her healing powers from those who wish to destroy all the witkowin—crazy women. What she doesn't know is that a bounty hunter is hot on her trail.

Lakota native Otakatay has an obligation to fulfill. He has been hired to kill the witkowin. In a time when race and difference are a threat and innocence holds no ground, courage, love and honor will bring Nora and Otakatay together as they fight for their freedom. Will the desire to fulfill his promise drive Otakatay to kill Nora? Or will the kindness he sees in her blue eyes push him to be the man he once was?


Colorado Mountains, 1880

The blade slicing his throat made no sound, but the dead body hitting the ground did. With no time to stop, he hurried through the dark tunnel until he reached the ladder leading out of the shaft.

 He’d been two hundred feet below ground for ten days, with no food and little water. Weak and woozy, he stared up the ladder. He’d have to climb it and it wasn’t going to be easy. He wiped the bloody blade on his torn pants and placed it between his teeth. Scraped knuckles and unwashed hands gripped the wooden rung.

The earth swayed. He closed his eyes and forced the spinning in his head to cease. One thin bronzed leg lifted and came down wobbly. He waited until his leg stopped shaking before he climbed another rung. Each step caused pain, but was paired with determination. He made it to the top faster than he’d thought he would. The sky was black and the air was cool, but fresh. Thank goodness it was fresh.

 He took two long breaths before he emerged from the hole. The smell from below ground still lingered in his nostrils; unwashed bodies, feces and mangy rats. His stomach pitched. He tugged at the rope around his hands. There had been no time to chew the thick bands around his wrists when he’d planned his escape. It was better to run than crawl, and he chewed through the strips that bound his feet instead. There would be time to free his wrists later.

He pressed his body against the mountain and inched toward the shack. He frowned. A guard stood at the entrance to where they were. The blade from the knife pinched his lip, cutting the thin skin and he tasted blood. He needed to get in there. He needed to say goodbye. He needed to make a promise.

 The tower bell rang mercilessly. There was no time left. He pushed away from the rocky wall, dropped the knife from his mouth into his bound hands, aimed and threw it. The dagger dug into the man’s chest. He ran over, pulled the blade from the guard and quickly slid it across his throat. The guard bled out in seconds.

He tapped the barred window on the north side of the dilapidated shack. The time seemed to stretch. He glanced at the large house not fifty yards from where he stood. He would come back, and he would kill the bastard inside.

He tapped again, harder this time, and heard the weak steps of those like him shuffling from inside. The window slid open, and a small hand slipped out.

“Toksha ake—I shall see you again,” he whispered in Lakota.

The hand squeezed his once, twice and on the third time held tight before it let go and disappeared inside the room.

A tear slipped from his dark eyes, and his hand, still on the window sill, balled into a fist. He swallowed past the sob and felt the burn in his throat. His chest ached for what he was leaving behind. He would survive, and he would return.

Men shouted to his right, and he crouched down low. He took one last look around and fled into the cover of the forest.

About the Author
Author Kat Flannery photo LoupaPhotography20284029_zps53a1bff5.jpeg
Kat Flannery's love of history shows in her novels. She is an avid reader of historical, suspense, paranormal, and romance. When not researching for her next book, Kat can be found running her three sons to hockey and lacrosse. She has her Certificate in Freelance and Business Writing. A member of many writing groups, Kat enjoys promoting other authors on her blog. She's been published in numerous periodicals. Her debut novel CHASING CLOVERS has been on Amazon's Bestsellers list many times and was #62 over all their titles. LAKOTA HONOR and HAZARDOUS UNIONS are Kat's other two books and both have made bestseller lists. Kat is currently hard at work on her next book.

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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: At Death it Begins by Elle Jefferson

At Death It Begins
Book One
Elle Jefferson
Genre: Paranormal romance
ISBN: 9781484877098
Number of pages: 418
Word Count: 98,184
Cover Artist: Krysa Designs
Amazon | Paperback | Trailer

Book Description: 

Lendyn Hughes' grandmother has kept a secret from her for over thirty-one years, who Lendyn's parents are. A devastating break-up following her grandmother's death leaves Lendyn alone, confused and determined to find answers. Armed with only a name Lendyn attempts to unfurl the branches of her family tree never guessing it would put her life in danger.

For over two hundred years Englishman Callum Scott lived a life surrounded by beauty. A life free from all those annoying human emotions. That is until the American showed up. Lendyn flipped his world upside down and put him in the worst sort of jeopardy. He's starting to feel things and a murderer can't afford to feel.



My hand fumbled through the darkness reaching for Devin. I needed to feel him, know he was there. Something troubled me, but I couldn’t put a finger on what.

A morsel of his flesh beneath my fingers would pacify me. Assure me he was still there. I reached further until my fingers collided with the soft, peach under-flesh of his forearm. I ran a hand across his solid form pausing for a moment to trace a figure eight on the mound of muscle encompassing his shoulder. He had a body fit to be relished even in the troubling hour’s lack of sleep brought.

He purred for a moment before stretching an arm and rolling over to his stomach stifling his rhythmic snoring. I tucked the sheets over him and kissed his golden hair. It was a perfect evening; work failed to interrupt our plans which were a rarity. We went for a moonlit walk along Paradise Cove, an exclusive beach, you had to be a member of to stroll along. This meant no paparazzi to hassle us.

They were one of many drawbacks to dating a celebrity, but as I admired the contours of his body, there were benefits too. Though maybe tonight had been too perfect. That was silly thinking. We didn’t spend enough time alone for anything to be too perfect.

An eerie flash of red in my peripheral caught my attention. I sat up noticing for the first time the clock on the nightstand was flashing 11:41 over and over. One of the problems to living in an old hotel like the Beltmore … things tended to fizzle out all the time. Last month it was the air conditioning, before that, the hot water. Maybe Devin was right, and it was time to move out of this hotel and into an apartment. I shrugged, I’d debate that tomorrow.

I patted the nightstand for my cell; it wasn’t there. Then I remembered I dropped it on the dresser earlier this evening when Devin had pinned me there to deliver one of his toe curling kisses. Trying to keep quiet while navigating the dark became impossible when I stubbed my toe on one of Devin’s Sketchers and tripped headfirst into the dresser. My hand flew to my mouth muffling a scream that rushed to my lips. Devin stirred but didn’t wake.

Phew. The last thing I needed was to wake him. He was a bit of a grump and once he was awake, he’d have to leave. Work always came first.

Along the dresser, I felt the smooth outline of my phone. When the screen lit up the time was only 2:08 a.m. still early and plenty of time to crawl back into bed and snuggle up next to Devin. Halfway back to bed and my phone started vibrating. There were fourteen missed calls and one voicemail, all of which, came from one number—Emma. Now, I was a bit worried. It’d been a while since the last time I’d spoken with my best friend Emma.

Emma had this philosophy about calling once and not calling again until you called her back, hence my worry.

I dialed my voicemail, “Wednesday, 12:15 a.m—Lend, its Em call me as soon as you—BEEP.” Em was calling on the other line. Why was I so nervous to answer it?

“Em what’s going on—” I swallowed, “—is everything okay?”

Emma didn’t even get my name out before she broke into sobs. Maybe she and “Mister Perfect” broke up again.

“Hello,” I said a little louder, “you still there?” All I could hear was sniffling, maybe she accidentally pocket dialed me. I debated hanging up and calling her back when a familiar English accent came on the line—Mister Perfect. “Lendyn it’s Zach … I’m afraid I have bad news … there was an accident involving Gigi,” he paused to take a breath as I held mine, “I’m afraid she didn’t make it.”

The room began to spin, and gravity pulled at me. Was I dreaming? This had to be a dream.

Zach’s voice continued, but I didn’t hear anything except a loud buzzing as my legs gave out, and I collapsed to the floor.


About the Author:

Elle Jefferson lives up in northern Arizona with her two beautiful sons, wonderful husband and her German Shepard Dorrie. When she's not reading or writing she's painting or enjoying the great outdoors.

She is currently working on her follow-up to At Death it Begins, In Death's Shadow, and hopes to have it released in early December.


Amazon Author Page


Tour giveaway 

Prize pack 1-  e-books of Temp by Kelly Collins, Broken by K. Webster, Ignite by Tessa Teevan, The Hart Family box set by Ella Fox, Fade In by Mo Mabie, Blind Obsession by Ella Frank, and A is for Alpha by Laurel Curtis.

Prize pack 2- ebooks of A Window to Love & Reclining Nude in Chicago by Fifi Flowers, Push The Envelope and Hit the Wall by Rochelle Paige, Save Me From Myself by Stacey Mosteller, Annie of London by L.A. Rikand, Goodbye Caution by Jacquelyn Ayres and Infamous Ellen James by NA Alcorn.

Prize Pack 3- A signed paperback of At Death It Begins and a bag of book related swag (i.e. bracelet, pen, bookmark, 5$ GC to Amazon, notepad) Open to US Shipping

Prize Pack 4-A signed paperback of In Death's Touch and a bag of book related swag (i.e. pen, bookmark, 5 GC to Amazon, notepad) Open to US Shipping

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Blog Tour/Guest Post Hidden Senses Trilogy by Jacqueline Paige

Guest Post: I Can't Imagine
by Jacqueline Paige

I can’t imagine living the way Felicity has had to, Jacinda either for that matter.  When I was growing up we moved around a lot, I averaged two schools a year for most of my childhood so I can relate to moving as much as Felicity has had to.  What I couldn’t do is remove myself from the normal things in life.  I may have moved around often, but I was still able to have friends and interact with people.

Felicity and Jacinda from the Hidden Senses Trilogy don’t have the rainbow world most of us have—a world we don’t even realize we are privileged to have.  They can’t go out into crowds or populated places. What would happen if Jacinda went to a movie theatre?  It could debilitate her for days and if Felicity had one of her visions while surrounded by strangers…

There’s the loneliness they must suffer through not being able to have a normal relationship, or even a relationship at all.

While writing this trilogy I had to go to a place in my life where I sat back and looked around noting the things I took for granted.  Things like chatting with a friendly stranger while waiting in a line, stopping to smile at a cute baby, holding the door for an elderly person while out shopping.  I’m not a great lover of ‘shopping’ in the first place, but to not be able to pop out and go check something out wouldn’t be something I was happy with.

We’ve all had times where we weren’t able to physically something, whether from surgery or injury for a short period of time.  I know I have at least and having to adapt my every day routine around that was frustrating and nerve wracking at the same time.  Felicity and Jacinda from the Hidden Senses live that every single day of their lives.

My hats off to them for have the strength and courage I don’t have.


Inner Reflections
Hidden Senses Trilogy
Book 3
Jacqueline Paige
Class Act Books | Amazon 
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Book Description:

Detective Alec McGowan is dedicated to serving justice and will crush all that stand in her way. Long used to burying her passions after tragedy and heartbreak taught her that loving someone is dangerous, she expresses them the only way she knows how.  Passion for her job has landed her on a hit list, and rather than fearing death she is annoyed and more determined to find them before they find her.

Ian MacTavish is a loner and finds it easier to stay that way. The constant barrage of other people’s thoughts is exhausting, and relationships are even more troublesome for someone with his “talent”.  Using his skill has brought him considerable financial reward, and allowed him to stay uninvolved and unencumbered. When a night of harmless mind surfing leads him further into a twisted plot of chaos and murder, his appearance at the police station surprises him most of all.


Dream Visions
Hidden Senses Trilogy
Book 2
Jacqueline Paige
Class Act Books | Amazon
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Book Description:

Felicity has spent her life alone, moving from one place to another hiding a part of her no one has ever been able to accept, not even her own family.

For as long as she can remember she’s had dreams that lead her to a person that’s somehow connected with her.  There are no answers or cures only misery for her when she can’t get anyone to believe her.

When a child reaches out to her, frightened and in the hands of strangers she forgets the reasons why she shouldn’t tell anyone and goes to the police.  She finds herself sent for a court ordered psychiatric evaluation.

It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last.  She packs up once again, ready to move as soon as she’s done with another so called doctor.  From the moment she steps into the office everything changes and she finds nothing she expected.

Can the child be found before it’s too late or is she facing heartache again?


Mystic Perceptions
Hidden Senses Trilogy
Book One 
Jacqueline Paige
Page count: 224 pages
Genre: Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Does she risk everything again?

Book Description:

Jacinda Brown keeps to her safe existence doing investigative research, avoiding people and places with people. To most, it appears she has a normal life; blending completely undetected in her lonely continuation.

She doesn’t investigate people; she can’t get that close. Through her hand she can feel emotions, thoughts.  With a touch she can see what has been.  

Unfortunately fate tosses her into a situation where her carefully guarded secret and her own conscience are at war when she finds herself working with detectives to find a killer.  Jacinda clashes with the very strongly grounded detective, Reid Merritt, destiny has forced her to work with. 

At some point he begins to matter, making her decision harder. Will he look at her with abhorrence, like she’s some sort of freak when she’s through?

What will be the price, this time, for the ability she doesn’t want?


About the Author:

Jacqueline Paige lives in Ontario in a small town that’s part of the popular Georgian Triangle area.  No one has ever heard of Stayner, so she usually tells people she lives “near Collingwood” and no, she doesn’t ski at Blue Mountain or at all, in fact she’s not even fond of snow.  

She began her writing career in 2006 and since her first published works in 2009 she hasn’t stopped.  Jacqueline describes her writing as “all things paranormal”, which she has proven is her niche with stories of witches, ghosts, physics and shifters now on the shelves. 

When Jacqueline isn’t working at her ‘reality job’ or lost in her writing she spends time with her five children, most of whom are finally able to look after her instead of the other way around.  Together they do random road trips, that usually end up with them lost,  shopping trips where they push every button in the toy aisle, hiking when there’s enough time to escape and bizarre things like creating new daring recipes in the kitchen. She’s a grandmother to four (so far) and looks forward to corrupting many more in the years to come.

Jacqueline loves to hear from her readers, you can find her at ,  or

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Guest Post & Giveaway: Dead Awakenings by Rebekah R. Ganiere

Guest Post: Music List
by Rebekah R. Ganiere

Hi! I'm Rebekah. Thanx so much for having me today! My debut novel Dead Awakenings is an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance about Deaders. A new form of Reanimated Undead.

I frequently get asked if I have a playlist I like to listen to when I write or if I write without noise. I have to have noise when I write. I have four kids that I home school and if there isn't noise around me I get antsy and think there's something wrong. I can't stand silence. Unless I'm asleep. I have to have total quite when I'm sleeping.

But when I'm writing I like to have the television on for noise, or I have a specific playlist. I've been listening to some of these songs for a long time. I've always loved music. I've been able to deal with emotions through songs before. It hits me hard. I cry to so many songs when I hear them, yeah I'm sensitive that way.

Anyway, since music touches me so deeply, I use it as a tool in my writing. I write Tortured Alpha Males and Kick Ass Heroines. I have no problems with the heroes. They actually are really easy for me to write. The heroines are a different story though. I have problems sometimes getting them to come across well. So I need a bit of help. And for that help, I turn to some tough and amazing singers.

Pink! Yes, Pink. She is my favorite tough, balls to the wall, all out female. Her music is strong, and inspires me to write hard hitting females who don't take crap from people. Even though they are sensitive inside.
Kelly Clarkson. I love her music. She has strong women songs, but she also has many touching songs that hit me deep, so I like the emotion behind her singing.

Katy Perry. I think she is great. Her songs are fun and uplifting and teach people to be who they are.

For strong males, I like Green Day, Live, Train, Imagine Dragons, Fun and several others.

My actual list looks like this:
Pink – Just Give Me a Reason
Kelly Clarkson – Dark Side
Train – 50 Ways To Say Goodbye
Christina Perri – Jar of Hearts
Pink – Bad Influence
Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
Pink – U + UR hand
Sarah Bareilles – Brave
Katy Perry – Roar
Jordin Sparks – Battlefield
Imagine Dragons – Demons
Jean Simon – Cups
Passenger – Let Her Go
Green Day – 21 Guns
Pink – Try

I love music. If I had to choose between going blind and going deaf, I would choose to go blind. It would be tough, but I know I couldn't live without music.

Thanx a bunch for having me today! I hope that when you read my writing you can hear a bit of these songs in them. Feel free to let me know if you do, and what your favorite songs are, or what songs you write to.


Dead Awakenings
Rebekah R. Ganiere
Genre: Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Etopia Press
Date of Publication: 1/3/2014
ISBN: 978-1-940223-74-2
Number of pages: 269
Word Count: 96K
Book Trailer: 

Book Description: 

Evaine, a struggling New York theater student, enters an unsanctioned drug trial in an effort to pay bills.  She awakens in a derelict hospital, chained to a bed with no memory of who she is, or how she got there.  A band of pale skinned men, led by the gorgeous Luca, burst in, whisking her away to safety. 

Once at Haven House, Evaine is introduced to The Family. Like them, she has become A Deader, a reanimated Undead.

Luca is hell-bent on stopping the experimentations, and killing those responsible. He has no time for a Newborn who is struggling to control her rages, hunger, and powers. Nor does he have the desire to deal with the feelings she's awakening within him.

Despite their best efforts, Evaine and Luca find their connection intensifying when suddenly, she remembers not only who she is, but also her fiancé, Tristan; who is still looking for her.  

Torn between her first love and her new heart’s desire, Evaine runs back to Tristan putting everyone in danger. When a rogue faction of Deaders, called Feeders, attempts to kidnap her, Luca suspects Evaine is the key to the experiments. 

Can everyone band together to keep Evaine off the cutting table of those she escaped from? Or will second death tear her away from everyone, for good?


About the Author:

Rebekah grew up on both the east and west coasts and currently lives in the Los Angeles area. From the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein to The Stand by Stephen King, Rebekah immersed herself in other people's made up worlds. She began writing in junior high and then found she liked pretending to be other people's characters in high school. Lettering in drama she went on to study theater in college as well. After college she continued acting till becoming a mom. Ultimately, she ended up going back to writing her characters down instead of acting them out, so she could stay at home with her kids. 

Rebekah is a member of Romance Writers of America and is a board member of both the Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal and her local Los Angeles chapters.  When she isn't spending time telling the lives of the characters constantly chattering inside her head, you can find her with her husband and four children; reading comic books, gaming, at the movies or taking care of the menagerie of pets. A dog, a rabbit, two bearded dragons, and three tortoises. Wonder woman, the escaped snake, has yet to be located. 

Twitter: @VampWereZombie


Tour Giveaway

2 prize packs containing: eBook copy of Dead Awakenings , bookmark, set of Halloween bottle labels  and a zombie virus necklace - open to US Shipping

2 ebook copies of Dead Awakenings open internationally

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Book Spotlight: Fatal Snag by Angela Smith

Fatal Snag
by Angela Smith
Romantic Suspense
Crimson Romance Publishing


Hollywood fashion consultant Naomi Fisher is happy to use her obsessive-compulsive planning to assist with her cousin's wedding, but her history with the sexy and sullen Chayton Chambers, the groom’s brother, terrifies her. When the groom is kidnapped at his own wedding, Chayton and Naomi rush to find an important relic to satisfy the ransom before her cousin becomes a widow before a bride. Naomi trades garters for guns as survival, and love becomes a deadly game impossible to resist.


Surprise flashed through his brain, but he narrowed his eyes before it had a chance to erupt on his face. He edged closer. In her heels, her nose usually touched his chin, but now the top of her head came under his chin. Her breath curled around his cheek, exerting an agitated pull on his hormones that left him shaky and hesitant. He camouflaged that hesitation with cockiness and confidence.

She inched her nose higher. He leaned down to look at her, his face a fingerbreadth from hers. “Maybe that’s your problem,” he grumbled. “Maybe you can’t get over the fact that I never tried to kiss you.”

He closed in on her, pinning her against the wall as he settled his hands on the wall near her head. She couldn’t move with him so near and he made a point to trap her.

He remained that way for several seconds, staring into blue eyes of defiance as they breathed in each other’s breath. His pulse hinged precariously close to plunging overboard and disrupting his steady poise, but for now he held on.

Then he kissed her. Hard. Briefly. Fervidly. Heat traversed from his toes, agitating his shaky thighs and roosting in his loins only to explode behind his eyes.

She deepened the kiss, a slight brush of her tongue against his. He held on another brief moment then dropped his hands and backed away before his point became futile. Swiping a hand across his mouth, he pinned her with a hard gaze. “Is that better?”

“I’m not here to ask your forgiveness.”


About the Author:

During her senior year in high school, Angela Smith was dubbed most likely to write a novel, and that has been her dream ever since her mother read Brer Rabbit to her and her sister so often that they were able to recite it back to each other before actually learning to read. She’s always enjoyed stories about the adventure of love, and getting involved in the legal field developed her love of suspense. A certified paralegal, work gives her perfect fodder for her romantic suspense stories. When not caring for her small farm or spending time with her husband of two decades, she enjoys creating, reading, and dreaming of the places she’ll visit one day.

Angela Smith LOVES talking to readers. You can contact her in the following ways:

Facebook –

Twitter –

Goodreads -

Website –

Email –

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Book Spotlight: Dark Velvet by Lisa Carlisle

Dark Velvet
by Lisa Carlisle
Chateau Seductions
New adult erotic romance
Paranormal / gargoyle / vampire / shapeshifter
Amazon | BN | Kobo | Allromance

Grad student Savannah Evans is thrilled to be accepted as a resident to a prestigious art colony. Where else would she be able to focus on her craft of writing poetry in a setting like that of the medieval-styled castle? The remote New England island is a respite from her hectic city life. When she meets her benefactor, a mysterious French sculptor, her expectations for carefree days writing near the ocean are distracted by unprofessional fantasies about her sponsor.

Antoine Chevalier built Les Beaux Arts on DeRoche Island to bring purpose back to an existence that has lost meaning. He’s wandered the earth for decades and finds solace in returning to art. When Savannah applies for a residency, something about her words touches him. After her arrival, a physical attraction grows between them, which he struggles against. She deserves more than someone of his kind.

Antoine proposes they become lovers during her stay. But the situation turns complicated when Savannah discovers his secret. She had suspicions about his identity, but finds the truth overwhelming. Consumed by her desire for Antoine and faced with a tough decision, she is blind to the danger that has arrived at DeRoche Island.


Lisa Carlisle

Dark heroes, feisty heroines, scorching stories

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Blog Tour/Author Interview Dina von Lowenkraft

How much of yourself is hidden in the characters in your book?

That’s an interesting question! And the answer is both everything and nothing... everything because I believe in the universality of human experience and every emotion I have ever had (pain, love, anger, happiness, etc.) is a starting point for what I want my characters to portray to readers. On the other hand, I have never morphed into a dragon or spoken with anyone telepathically. Which means the events I write about are all imaginary, even if some of my characters feel very real to me.

How much of a story did you have in mind before you started writing?

Actually, almost all of it. Dragon Fire is a bit unusual in that it is a subplot from the second book in a planned 4 book series that hasn’t been published yet. This made Dragon Fire both easier and harder to write. It was easier because I knew exactly where I wanted the story to go. But it was also harder because there were certain things I had to respect for the series to still make sense - I had less leeway to change events than in other manuscripts.

Can you tell us what genre you write?

I write both YA fantasy and YA science-fiction.

How do you cope with writer's block?

My writer’s block comes when I have written too much and have inserted way too many threads into my story and I no longer know how to unravel it all. At that point, I go make another cup of tea. And have a cookie. And stare at my screen until finally I get one last cup of coffee, or cake, or both, or wash the floor or put away the laundry. But eventually, I will write down what the threads are and try to figure out why each scene is, or isn’t, important for the character/the story/the world I have created. And then I take a deep breath and go for it. And promise myself I’ll keep it simpler the next time. Until I discover yet another really important thread/idea/sub-plot/turning point/development that absolutely needs to be told... and it starts all over again.

How do you develop and differentiate your characters?

They come to me very organically - or maybe I just have a lot of imaginary friends! But once I have gotten to know them each a bit, they are quite clear in my mind. I think this is part of the reason I get too many threads - I can see each character as their own main character, with their own story and their own set of personal issues. Even some characters that are barely even mentioned have a whole book waiting to be written. My creative impulse is to develop complex worlds that have long, convoluted histories, and there is always a wide range of characters that inhabit them.

Do you have specific techniques you use to develop the plot and stay on track?

I didn’t at first, and wrote a 160 thousand word YA novel that no one was interested in. After that I began trying to structure my plots, but it still took me a few manuscripts before I figured out how to balance having a structured outline with the creative freedom I needed to write my scenes freely. I think everyone needs to find their own balance of the two - and whatever works for you is what you have to go with!

How (or when) do you decide that you are finished writing a story?

Do you mean the first draft, or the revisions? The first draft is always very clear to me. There is a feeling of completeness to that final paragraph, that final sentence. Sometimes I will hover, wanting to write more, but that last sentence will keep its own, and I know I can’t add anything to it. As for knowing when the revisions are done, really done... well - I still don’t know that! I guess I’d say revisions are never really done, but once it’s in print there isn’t much you can do to change it.

Is there a message in your writing you want readers to grasp?

No. There are themes I love to write about (figuring out who you are and what you believe in, issues of prejudice, power and the abuse of power, etc.), but never a message per se, even if the themes that interest me do say a lot about me as a person and what I believe in.

What are you working on right now?

I’m working on two projects right now. One is the revision of the first book in the original series that I created the world of Dragon Fire for (Dragon Fire is a subplot of Book 2). The other is the revision of a YA sci-fi set in the distant future.

Have you always wanted to be a writer?

No. Unlike many writers I know, that urge came later. But I have always wanted to do something creative, and have done many different art forms ranging from dance to music to painting. I have had a wide range of experiences, including living on 4 different continents, getting a black belt and an MBA, working as a graphic artist in television and as a business consultant in the fashion industry. And all of those experiences have helped me become the writer I am today.

At what age did you discover your love of writing?

I actually discovered it in 8th grade when I had my first experience creating a world and feeling that rush of adrenaline that comes with knowing what was going to happen - all I had to do was write out the scenes I could see happening in my mind. But after that one experience, that I still recall very clearly, it took me quite a few years before I decided to come back to it seriously. In the mean time, I tried a lot of things and enjoyed life tremendously.

What was the first story that you wrote?

The first story I wrote, the one I wrote in 8th grade, was about a girl stranded on a deserted island. It was her diary and explored her emotional evolution over the course of the year she was stranded, before being rescued.

When were you first published? How were you discovered?

Dragon Fire is my debut novel and it was pre-released by Twilight Times Books as an e-book in August 2013 and then in print in December 2013. I went through the query process, and had the tremendous good fortune of getting several offers at the same time. But there were other manuscripts that never got any requests before I arrived at that point. After my first round of disappointments, I started writing a different novel while querying the completed one - it helped keep my mind of the process, and the rejections didn’t feel so bad when I was in the creative excitement of writing something new.

What is the most difficult part of the whole writing process?

Besides finding an agent and/or a publisher.? Probably knowing you can’t change anything once your book is in print.

What do you like to read?

YA. Lots of YA. All genres of YA. And anything else that strikes me as looking like fun. Classics, romance, history... my taste outside of YA is rather eclectic. I also read a lot of pre-published manuscripts for friends - I love discussing their worlds and exploring their characters with them.

What writer influences you the most?

Oddly enough, someone who isn’t a ‘writer’ - Joseph Campbell. His book The Hero with a Thousand Faces was an eye-opener for me when I was 16, and I still love his ideas on the universality of the human experience.

If your book was made into a TV series or Movie, which actors would you like to see playing your characters?

Hmm... know any shapeshifting dragons? they would probably have to be CGI... but for my sci-f main character, I’d love, love, love to have Anne Hathaway.

Where can people learn more about you?

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about yourself?

I love to hear from readers, so please send in your comments or questions!

About the Author Born in the US, Dina has lived on 4 continents, worked as a graphic artist for television and as a consultant in the fashion industry. Somewhere between New York and Paris she picked up an MBA and a black belt – and still thinks the two are connected. Dina is currently the Regional Advisor for SCBWI Belgium, where she lives with her husband, two children, three horses and a cat. Dina loves to create intricate worlds filled with conflict and passion. She builds her own myths while exploring issues of belonging, racism and the search for truth... after all, how can you find true love if you don’t know who you are and what you believe in?

Dina’s key to developing characters is to figure out what they would be willing to die for. And then pushing them to that limit. About the Book Some choices are hard to live with. But some choices will kill you. When seventeen-year-old Anna first meets Rakan in her hometown north of the Arctic Circle, she is attracted to the pulsing energy that surrounds him. Unaware that he is a shapeshifting dragon, Anna is drawn into a murderous cycle of revenge that pits Rakan and his clan against her best friend June. Torn between his forbidden relationship with Anna, that could cost them both their lives, and restoring his family’s honor by killing June, Rakan must decide what is right. And what is worth living – or dying – for.
  About the Book

 Some choices are hard to live with. But some choices will kill you. When seventeen-year-old Anna first meets Rakan in her hometown north of the Arctic Circle, she is attracted to the pulsing energy that surrounds him. Unaware that he is a shapeshifting dragon, Anna is drawn into a murderous cycle of revenge that pits Rakan and his clan against her best friend June. Torn between his forbidden relationship with Anna, that could cost them both their lives, and restoring his family’s honor by killing June, Rakan must decide what is right. And what is worth living – or dying – for.
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Friday, 14 March 2014

Author Interview & Giveaway Cherrie Mack

About the Author:

Cherrie Mack grew up in Flushing Queens NY, the youngest child of six. The city’s diversity gave her a great appreciation for many different cultures and lifestyles. After love finally claimed the girl from the city and dragged her to the suburban madness of Long Island, she settled into a quiet life with her new husband. Two children and one mini-van later, the family found themselves moving towards the sunny skies of Florida where they currently reside. With her focus still very much on her family, Cherrie squeezes in time to write. The publication of her debut novel, Ache of Desire has given her the confidence to allow her to spend more time writing.

One year and four books later, Cherrie has continued to flourish. With multiple series in the works, there’s no slowing down for this up and coming author.

A member of Romance Writers of America, Cherrie is slowly spreading her wings as a romance author. Look for her books at all digital bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Bookstrand, ITunes, Nook and many more.



Author facebook page:



Goodreads: www.goodreads/

Hello. I’m Cherrie Mack, author of A Late summer Bloom, book one in the Witches Of The Bayou series. Thank you for hosting me today and sharing your readers with me.

Do you plan everything or just let the story flow?

My stories are never planned. I usually start with one scene and the story usually writes itself.

Do your characters ever want to take over the story? 

Always. And I let them. The only time I hold back is when my secondary characters have more to say than my main ones. I usually coax them back by letting them have their own book.

What is your favourite food? 

Ooh. Pizza for sure.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? 

I’m a morning person but, only because I have to be.

Where do you dream of travelling to and why?

I would like to take a trip to Italy someday. I want real, authentic pizza.

Do distant places feature in your books?

No. If I haven’t been there, I feel it’s hard to feature it in a book. I might mention a far off place but rarely do I place a story there.

Do you listen to music while writing?

Music is a definite inspiration. I don’t listen to it while I write. I can and I have but it’s not a regular thing.

Could you tell us a bit about your latest release? 

This is my first paranormal romance I’ve written and it’s by far my favourite.

What have you learned about writing and publishing since you first started? 

I learn something new every day. My biggest lesson is the one I take away from everything—go with the flow. When you worry about readers and sales and marketing and social media and cover art and blogging and…blah, blah, blah, you find the joys missing and the writing gets stale. Tell your story. Not everyone will love your story or writing but plenty of people will.

Is there anything you would do differently?

I wouldn’t stalk my inbox as much. I’d use that time productively. And write.

Who, or what, if anything has influenced your writing? 

All the authors I’ve read who left me breathless and wanting more. The drive to be better comes from reading work that leaves an impression on me long after I’ve finished.

Anything you would say to those just starting out in the craft? 

When you finish a project, close it. Do not submit it. Let it sit for a week or two. Work on something else, read…whatever. Then go back and polish. This is quite hard and something I’ve only managed to do but once. Doesn’t mean I quit trying.

What are three words that describe you?

Funny, loving, and lazy.

What's your favourite book or who is your favourite writer?

These change all the time but if I’d have to pick, I’d say the early books by Sherilyn Kenyon.

Blurb of your latest release or coming soon book:  

A Late Summer Bloom
Witches Of The Bayou 
Book 1
Cherrie Mack
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Evernight Publishing
Number of pages: 188
Word Count: 58k
Cover Artist: Sour Cherry Designs

When Julien Beaumont meets Giselle Jareau, the naïve, young witch is nothing more than a nuisance. A mere inconvenience. But the inkblot on his arm disagrees. As their relationship develops, his tattoo begins to fill in. Could it be fate or something more sinister?

On an old, decrepit sugar plantation, in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou, the defender of the covens and the queen to the royals engage in a battle of wits. And as Giselle falls in love, Julien tries desperately to change the course of their destiny.

List of previous books if any: 

Ache Of Desire
Follow that Dress
Georgie’s Dress
My Sister’s Shoes
A Late Summer Bloom


Google email:   (password=cherrie15)

AOL email:




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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Easy Like Sunday Mourning by Jennie Marts

 photo fbe907f1-ca8b-4f6d-8c9d-b2e384f79a14_zpsf1f35904.jpg

Dating is hard…

Single mom Maggie Hayes puts up a tough front to hide her loneliness, spending her days in the courtroom as a lawyer and her evenings as a closet video gamer. Another heartache isn’t worth the risk, not after her husband left her last year for a Hooters waitress. When she decides to try dating again, a cute video game-designing nerd seems like a safe bet….Until he becomes the prime suspect in a murder. 

But falling in love can be murder…

Jeremy Rogers makes a good living designing video games, but nothing prepares him for the real world adventure of being accused of poisoning his own employee. Add in falling for a sassy attorney with a competitive ex-husband, a clingy blonde coworker, and a mammoth-size dog that eats his furniture. Suddenly fighting off a screen full of zombies or preventing an alien invasion seems like child’s play. 

Game over!

Maggie and Jeremy find themselves embroiled in a game of death threats, lies, and betrayal. Maggie must learn to trust again while playing the most dangerous game of all. Because defeat could mean not only losing her heart, but also her life…

Revisit the quaint Colorado town of Pleasant Valley and sit in with the Page Turners Book Club, a group of book-loving women who double as extremely amateur detectives. Join them as they set out to help their friend, while devouring good literature and some really great desserts.

 photo 85c6c375-f71a-468a-ad8c-b8d2b30deb99_zps986ff285.jpg

“Hey, gals,” Maggie said on a rush of air as Edna threw her arms around her in a theatrical embrace. Maggie gave her a quick squeeze, the smell of lavender and vanilla filling the air as she nestled her chin in the cloud of Edna’s silver curls. Mabel reached out and squeezed Maggie’s hand.

            Jeremy seemed to be pleased by the appearance of the two geriatric Nancy Drews, but Maggie’s eyes narrowed with suspicion at Edna. “It’s amazing how you always seem to be in the middle of whatever excitement is going on.”

            Edna shrugged and gave her a look of mock innocence. “You know me, honey, if there’s a pile of trouble somewhere, I’ll find a way to step in it.”

            Mabel cackled at Edna’s joke, then her laugh turned into a phlegmy smoker’s cough, and Edna turned to slap her on the back. “You’ve got to give up those cancer sticks,” she said in between slaps.

            “Ahh, bite me,” wheezed Mabel. “I’m gonna die anyway.”

            Ignoring the drama of the elderly women, Maggie pulled on Edna’s sleeve. “Who is that guy you were talking to? And what did you find out?” Regardless of her knack for finding trouble, Edna was good at ferreting out information and could usually be counted on to know the inside scoop.

“Do they know what happened to Jim?” Jeremy absently rubbed his tiny grandmother’s back, used to her frequent coughing fits.

Edna whipped out her notebook, holding it within inches of her nose. “Well, I haven’t had a chance to gather too much information, since we just got here and they won’t let us too close to the crime scene. I’m sure they’re dusting for prints and gathering DNA evidence. The evidence always tells the true story, you know.”

“OMG,” Maggie said, mimicking one of her son’s favorite terms. She tried to control her eyes from rolling into the back of her head as she listened to Edna’s CSI-esque interpretation of the scene. “What do you actually know?”

Edna huffed and lowered her voice. “Well, we know a man was murdered here.”

“Oh my gosh. You think? Maybe you should open your own ladies’ detective agency.”


You can also use this link to connect directly.

 photo 59e824c4-9212-448b-9de2-c31e31a3a6ef_zps75626707.jpg

Jennie Marts loves to make readers laugh as she weaves stories filled with love, friendship and intrigue. She’s the author of the Kindle Bestselling romantic comedy, Another Saturday Night and I Ain’t Got No Body. Reviewers call her book “laugh out loud” funny and full of great characters that are “endearing and relatable.”

She writes from the mountains of Colorado where she lives with her husband, two sons, a parakeet, and a golden retriever named Cooper. Jennie enjoys being a member of (RWA) Romance Writers of America, the Pikes Peak Chapter of RWA, and Pikes Peak Writers.

Jennie is addicted to Diet Coke and adores Cheetos. She loves playing volleyball and believes you can’t have too many books, shoes or friends.

Connext with D.M Sears:
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Book Spotlight & Giveaway: Submerged by Cheryl Kaye Tardif

 photo onewiththewindbanner_zps89c7c416.jpg

Submerged - Week Blitz
By Cheryl Kaye Tardif
Psychological Paranormal Thriller
Date Published: 2/26/2013
From the international bestselling author that brought you CHILDREN OF THE FOG comes a terrifying new thriller that will leave you breathless…

"SUBMERGED reads like an approaching storm, full of darkness, dread and electricity. Prepare for your skin to crawl." —Andrew Gross, New York Times bestselling author of 15 Seconds

Two strangers submerged in guilt, brought together by fate…

After a tragic car accident claims the lives of his wife, Jane, and son, Ryan, Marcus Taylor is immersed in grief. But his family isn't the only thing he has lost. An addiction to painkillers has taken away his career as a paramedic. Working as a 911 operator is now the closest he gets to redemption—until he gets a call from a woman trapped in a car.

Rebecca Kingston yearns for a quiet weekend getaway, so she can think about her impending divorce from her abusive husband. When a mysterious truck runs her off the road, she is pinned behind the steering wheel, unable to help her two children in the back seat. Her only lifeline is a cell phone with a quickly depleting battery and a stranger's calm voice on the other end telling her everything will be all right.

More reviews:

"From the first page, you know you are in the hands of a seasoned and expert storyteller who is going to keep you up at night turning the pages. Tardif knows her stuff. There's a reason she sells like wildfire—her words burn up the pages. A wonderful, scary, heart-pumping writer." —M.J. Rose, international bestselling author of Seduction

"Tardif once again delivers a suspenseful supernatural masterpiece." —Scott Nicholson, international bestselling author of The Home

"From the first page, Cheryl Kaye Tardif takes you hostage with SUBMERGED—a compelling tale of anguish and redemption." —Rick Mofina, bestselling author of Into the Dark

"Cheryl Kaye Tardif's latest novel SUBMERGED will leave you as haunted as its characters." —Joshua Corin, bestselling author of Before Cain Strikes

"SUBMERGED will leave you breathless—an edge of your seat, supernatural thrill ride." —Jeff Bennington, bestselling author of Twisted Vengeance

 photo onewiththewindbanner_zps89c7c416.jpg



Near Cadomin, AB – Saturday, June 15, 2013 – 12:36 AM

You never grow accustomed to the stench of death. Marcus Taylor knew that smell intimately. He had inhaled burnt flesh, decayed flesh…diseased flesh. It lingered on him long after he was separated from the body.

The image of his wife and son's gray faces and blue lips assaulted him.


Mercifully, there were no bodies tonight. The only scent he recognized now was wet prairie and the dank residue left over from a rainstorm and the river.

"So what happened, Marcus?"

The question came from Detective John Zur, a cop Marcus knew from the old days. Back before he traded in his steady income and respected career for something that had poisoned him physically and mentally.

"Come on," Zur prodded. "Start talking. And tell me the truth."

Marcus was an expert at hiding things. Always had been. But there was no way in hell he could hide why he was soaked to the skin and standing at the edge of a river in the middle of nowhere.

He squinted at the river, trying to discern where the car had sunk. He only saw faint ripples on the surface. "You can see what happened, John."

"You left your desk. Not a very rational decision to make, considering your past."

Marcus shook his head, the taste of river water still in his throat. "Just because I do something unexpected doesn't mean I'm back to old habits."

Zur studied him but said nothing.

"I had to do something, John. I had to try to save them."

"That's what EMS is for. You're not a paramedic anymore."

Marcus let his gaze drift to the river. "I know. But you guys were all over the place and someone had to look for them. They were running out of time."

Overhead, lightning forked and thunder reverberated.

"Dammit, Marcus, you went rogue!" Zur said. "You know how dangerous that is. We could've had four bodies."

Marcus scowled. "Instead of merely three, you mean?"

"You know how this works. We work in teams for a reason. We all need backup. Even you."

"All the rescue teams were otherwise engaged. I didn't have a choice."

Zur sighed. "We go back a long way. I know you did what you thought was right. But it could've cost them all their lives. And it'll probably cost you your job. Why would you risk that for a complete stranger?"

"She wasn't a stranger."

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Marcus realized how true that statement seemed. He knew more about Rebecca Kingston than he did about any other woman. Besides Jane.

"You know her?" Zur asked, frowning.

"She told me things and I told her things. So, yeah, I know her."

"I still do not get why you didn't stay at the center and let us do our job."

"She called me." Marcus looked into his friend's eyes. "Me. Not you."

"I understand, but that's your job. To listen and relay information."

"You don't understand a thing. Rebecca was terrified. For herself and her children. No one knew where they were for sure, and she was running out of time. If I didn't at least try, what kind of person would I be, John?" He gritted his teeth. "I couldn't live with that. Not again."

Zur exhaled. "Sometimes we're simply too late. It happens."

"Well, I didn't want it to happen this time." Marcus thought of the vision he'd seen of Jane standing in the middle of the road. "I had a…hunch I was close. Then when Rebecca mentioned Colton had seen flying pigs, I remembered this place. Jane and I used to buy ribs and chops from the owner, before it closed down about seven years ago."

"And that led you here to the farm." Zur's voice softened. "Good thing your hunch paid off. This time. Next time, you might not be so lucky."

"There won't be a next time, John."

A smirk tugged at the corner of Zur's mouth. "Uh-huh."

"There won't."

Zur shrugged and headed for the ambulance.

Under a chaotic sky, Marcus stood at the edge of the river as tears cascaded from his eyes. The night's events hit him hard, like a sucker punch to the gut. He was submerged in a wave of memories. The first call, Rebecca's frantic voice, Colton crying in the background. He knew that kind of fear.  He'd felt it before. But last time, it was a different road, different woman, different child.

He shook his head. He couldn't think of Jane right now. Or Ryan. He couldn't reflect on all he'd lost. He needed to focus on what he'd found, what he'd discovered in a faceless voice that had comforted him and expressed that it was okay to let go.

He glanced at his watch. It was after midnight. 12:39, to be exact. He couldn't believe how his life had changed in not much more than two days.


He turned...

Cheryl Tardif
 photo CherylKayeTardifBEST_zpsbe208e6d.jpgCheryl Kaye Tardif is an award-winning, international bestselling Canadian suspense author. Her novels include Submerged, Divine Justice, Children of the Fog, The River, Divine Intervention, and Whale Song, which New York Times bestselling author Luanne Rice calls "a compelling story of love and family and the mysteries of the human heart...a beautiful, haunting novel."

She is now working on her next thriller.

Cheryl also enjoys writing short stories inspired mainly by her author idol Stephen King, and this has resulted in Skeletons in the Closet & Other Creepy Stories (collection of shorts) and Remote Control (novelette eBook).

In 2010 Cheryl detoured into the romance genre with her contemporary romantic suspense debut, Lancelot's Lady, written under the pen name of Cherish D'Angelo.

Booklist raves, "Tardif, already a big hit in Canada…a name to reckon with south of the border."

Author Links

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