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Book Spotlight: Heaven Sent by Tracey Dalziel Bush

Heaven Sent
by Tracy Dalziel Bush
Urban Fantasy
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Professional killer, Lilia West is determined to wreak vengeance on Ramon Blur, the wealthy businessman responsible for the death of her closest friend.

Unfortunately Ramon isn't your run-of-the-mill psychopathic killer and Lilia finds herself engulfed in the dark abyss as Ramon tries to take possession of not only her body, but her soul too. She cries to Heaven for salvation and out of nowhere comes Louis, a dark, sensual being more powerful than any other creature on earth.

But has Louis delivered her from evil or is he more dangerous than Ramon could ever be and if she surrenders to the allure of this enigmatic stranger will she be in danger of losing more than just her life?


Lilia thrust her hands into her pockets as another shoulder clenching shudder gripped her. It was cold in the shadows and having hardly a stitch on beneath her coat wasn’t helping matters, but needs must.  Her date had specifically requested a tall, vivacious, brunette who wouldn’t object if things got a little rough and for all intents and purposes that was exactly what he was going to get.  She huffed derisively, he was late, but fortunately she had been blessed with the patience of a saint.

Then a haughty, almost wicked smile teased the soft edge of her mouth as she recognised the sure, ever so confident rhythm of his arrogant gait. She drew a deep, contented breath as her gaze drifting across the street to capture his approach.

He climbed the steps to his apartment block stopping midway to exchange pleasantries with a couple she presumed to be neighbours and, despite the man’s efforts to draw her away the woman seemed eager to chat. Lilia found the woman’s flirtatious laughter irritating. Apparently her partner did too as he practically dragged her down the remaining steps.

She thought it funny how those who commit the most heinous of crimes were often envisioned as grotesque, nightmarish fiends that lurk in the shadows waiting to lure their unsuspecting victims to their doom, when in reality they seldom appear different from your average man on the street. Although to be fair, Ramon with his lofty height and Spartan’s physique, not to mention, impeccable dress sense, was far from average. Yet, it was his astonishing good looks that were most deceptive.

Fortunately Lilia wasn’t susceptible to his charm. She’d slain many sexual predators since her crusade began and would undoubtedly slay many more, but none would give her more pleasure than destroying Ramon. Infuriatingly he hadn’t even registered on her radar until he’d made the fatal mistake of taking the life of her closest friend.  And, even though she’d witness the aftermath of many horrific crimes and considered herself hardened to such acts of depravity nothing could have prepared her for what Ramon had done to Gina.

Rage swept through her at the thought, turning her stomach over and leaving a bitter taste in her mouth, but it would serve no purpose to rub salt into such a raw wound especially when she needed to remain focused.  She released a hot, deep breath and pushed the thought away as she stepped back further into the shadows

Ramon stood at the open door for a moment then slowly turned back around, his gaze drifting to the shadows where Lilia stood.  She knew he couldn’t see her yet his penetrating gaze remained eerily locked on her location nonetheless.

For a moment she considered stepping out and greeting him then decided against it, because, despite expecting her, well not her exactly, but an extremely expensive escort with masochistic tastes, Ramon would find it highly suspicions to find her lurking in the dark. She took a deep calming breath and dismissed the notion.

Then he smiled.

Her heart skipped a beat. Two, then began to pound so fiercely that the quickening stole her breath away as she tried to focus on Ramon’s face. Was he smiling at her?! It seemed he was. A cruel, taunting smile that had the hairs on the back of her neck bristling as an icy chill crept up her spine. But she’d be damned if she would heed the infuriating desire to run and hide. The twisted smirk was still on his face as he turned and went inside closing the door behind him with a casual flick of his hand.

She was being over sensitive; highly understandable under the circumstances yet totally unprofessional.  Why the hell couldn’t she just have shot him instead of getting up close and personal?  She huffed derisively, if she shot him she wouldn’t have the pleasure of seeing his face when she told him who she was, wouldn’t get to see the life drain from him when she slid the long, thin blade of her dagger straight through his cold, black heart.


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